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Graptopetalum Mirinae variegata 3″ pot

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Graptopetalum Mirinae variegata for sale

Succulent rooting began 05/08

Succulent plant pictured in 3” pot


Grapto is a unique succulent with fleshy, cylindrical leaves that resemble fingers. Its delicate flowers bloom in the summer, adding a touch of beauty to any indoor or outdoor space. For best results, be sure to provide your Grapto with plenty of sunlight and well-draining soil.

Tip: Grapto is a great choice for rock gardens and other outdoor landscaping projects. Create a whimsical garden with unique features and plenty of Grapto to add texture and interest.



Product Highlights

Meet Graptopetalum Mirinae variegata, the succulent star that’s rewriting the script on elegance. With its exquisite variegation and delicate rosettes, it’s like a botanical masterpiece.

Thriving in well-draining soil and relishing in bright light, Mirinae variegata’s colors dance like a painter’s brushstroke. But for hydration, remember to be subtle – a gentle sprinkle suits this variegated diva.

For plant enthusiasts seeking a touch of refined beauty, Graptopetalum Mirinae variegata is your chosen muse. Whether it graces a solo spotlight or adds flair to a succulent ensemble, its unique elegance and stunning presence elevate any space into a gallery of natural art. Embrace the beauty of Graptopetalum Mirinae variegata and let your plant collection exude its captivating charm.

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1 in stock

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Product: Graptopetalum Mirinae variegata 3″ pot

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