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Echeveria Shallot

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Echeveria Shallot for sale

Succulent rooting began 8/12

Succulent plant pictured in 4” pot.


Echeveria is a popular succulent with rosette-shaped leaves that come in a variety of colors, including green, pink, and blue. Its delicate flowers bloom in the summer, adding a touch of beauty to any indoor or outdoor space. For best results, be sure to provide your Echeveria with well-draining soil and partial to full sunlight.

Tip: Echeveria is a great choice for terrariums and fairy gardens. Create a miniature world with small accessories and a tiny house for your Echeveria to call home.


Product Highlights

The Echeveria Shallot is not small, it’s actually a rather robust succulent with a larger-than-life personality. Its leaves can grow up to several inches long, making it a real showstopper in any succulent collection.

In fact, the Echeveria Shallot is so confident in its size that it’s not afraid to take up some serious real estate in your garden or on your windowsill. It’s the kind of succulent that says, “I’m here, I’m fabulous, and I’m not going anywhere!”

But don’t worry, even though the Echeveria Shallot is a bit of a diva, it’s still easy to care for. Just give it plenty of sunshine and well-draining soil, and it’ll reward you with those gorgeous, plump leaves in all their colorful glory. So, if you want a succulent that’s both bold and low-maintenance, the Echeveria Shallot is the perfect pick for you.

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Product: Echeveria Shallot

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