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Design Ideas with Sedums for Year-Round Beauty Indoors and Out


Sedums, or stonecrops, are among the most versatile succulents, offering endless possibilities for gardeners and indoor plant enthusiasts. Their easy-care nature, coupled with their ability to thrive in a variety of conditions, makes them ideal for creating stunning landscapes and indoor displays. Succs On Tap explores innovative design ideas with Sedums, ensuring indoor and outdoor […]

Essential Winter Care for Outdoor Sedum Plants


Sedum plants are like the mountaineers of the succulent world—robust, resilient, and surprisingly unfazed by the cold. But even the hardiest alpine adventurer needs a bit of preparation to weather the winter storms. Let’s prepare to bundle up our green friends and ensure they survive and thrive during the chillier months! Understanding Sedum’s Winter Needs […]

Sedum Superstars: The Rockin’ World Of Stonecrop Succulents


Welcome to the fascinating world of Sedum succulents! Sedum succulents captivate with their diverse colors, textures, and forms. Hardy and low-maintenance, they are perfect for gardeners of any experience level. In addition, their striking appearance and easy-to-grow nature make Sedum varieties an excellent choice for enhancing gardens or containers, providing lasting beauty and interest for […]

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