5 Must-Have Haworthia Varieties For Succulent Lovers

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Haworthia varieties

Succulents have become a favorite in indoor gardening, revered for their captivating forms and low maintenance. Haworthia, a standout genus from Southern Africa, offers enthusiasts unique patterns and shapes, especially with its distinctive windowed surfaces and mosaic-like features. Their ability to flourish under indirect light and their high tolerance to neglect further elevate their status. It’s clear why they’re a prized choice for succulent collectors worldwide.

Here at Succs On Tap, we have a passion for showcasing the very best, and we spotlight the must-have Haworthia varieties every succulent lover should know and have.

Must-Have Haworthia Varieties For Every Collection

Explore our handpicked list that beckons every succulent enthusiast.

Haworthia Emelyae

Originating from South Africa’s Cape Provinces, this gem stands out with its distinguished ridges. The deep green hues capture the essence of its native terrain. In addition to its resilient nature, Haworthia Emelyae often features window-like translucent areas at the tips of its leaves. These ‘windows’ allow sunlight to penetrate, aiding in photosynthesis while reducing evaporation, a nifty adaptation to its arid homeland.

Ensure it gets filtered light for optimal growth. Additionally, shielding it from direct sunlight will keep those striking colors sunburn-free.

Haworthia Pygmaea

Hailing from South Africa’s eastern parts, Haworthia Pygmaea is known for its compact rosettes of grey-green leaves accented with light streaks. Its leaf translucency is a clever adaptation, optimizing light absorption in its sandy home. Typically nestled among rocks and shrubs, this variety is ideal for terrariums, rock gardens, or as a highlight in mixed succulent displays.

For Pygmaea, a well-draining soil mix is crucial, closely replicating its native conditions. Paired with occasional watering, this ensures its robust health.

Haworthia Tessellata

Indigenous to South Africa’s southern regions, Haworthia Tessellata boasts rosettes of fleshy, green to brownish leaves adorned with square patterned designs and unique windowed tops. These broad triangular leaves, strongly recurved in nature, widen at their base and feature pale green vertical lines on the upper surface. Additionally, the underside is characterized by raised tubercles and white recurved teeth along the margins. This slow-growing, often stemless succulent is as much a marvel in texture as in design, truly reminiscent of a crafted mosaic.

It thrives best in filtered light, reducing the risk of scorching its delicate patterns. Wait for the soil to dry out before giving it a drink.

Haworthia Attenuata

Most notably known as the “Zebra Plant.” Evoking images of Africa’s wildlife with its zebra-striped patterns, it is more than just a pretty face. The alternating stripes help diffuse sunlight, ensuring every part of the leaf gets an equal share.

Due to its striking patterns and compact size, Haworthia Attenuata is perfect for rock gardens, terrariums or as an eye-catching centerpiece in mixed succulent arrangements. They flourishe in indirect sunlight. Watering should be minimal; it’s a plant that prefers to be drier.

Haworthiopsis Fasciata

Hailing from South Africa’s Eastern Cape, Haworthiopsis Fasciata is a compact succulent known for its triangular green leaves marked with slender white crests. Often mistaken for the common H. Attenuata, its distinct smooth inner leaf surface sets it apart. This rarity is further enhanced by its fibrous leaves, making it a unique addition to any collection.

This variety thrives in well-draining soil. Just a splash of water occasionally is all it asks for to shine.

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